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Is it time to spring clean your central heating system?

In the world of plumbing and heating, you’ll often hear us talk about “sludge”; an unflattering name for an unattractive muddy shade of brown or green that naturally builds up in your central heating pipework over time. Sludge forms from the small particles of dirt and rust found inside your radiators and pipework. As water passes through your heating system, these particles shift, build up and are deposited in and pass through your system, eventually causing problems if left untreated.

Power flushing your central heating system

Power Flushing is an incredibly effective way to remove sludge from your heating system however it’s something that best carried out by a heating professional. There are various flushing system kits available from leading brands such as Adey, including the Magnacleanse Complete Flushing System. Power flushing a central heating system quite literally flushes built up sludge from your radiators and pipework through use of a power flushing machine or kit. A complete flush of your system can also take a full day or two (again, depending on the size of your property, but also the amount of sludge exhibited in your heating system). Power Flushing should really be a last resort and is more of a damage-limitation measure after a prolonged period of sludge build up, going untreated.

Chemical protectors and inhibitors

It’s an old age argument that the best method of treatment is prevention and that matra is true too in the treatment of your home’s central heating system. Whilst power flushing is sure to clean up your heating system and improve the efficiency of your boiler, preventing sludge using chemical protectors and inhibitors from building up in the first place will always be the most cost-effective method of ensuring a clean, efficient heating system.

One of the most common causes of sludge (and one of the most consequent common causes of boiler breakdowns) is rust and dirt. Leading brands such as Fernox, Sentinel and Adey stock a range of corrosion inhibitors that safeguard central heating systems against the formation of sludge and scale build-up, acting as a method of first line defence. Whilst some chemicals and inhibitors are ideally paired with filters, there are other general inhibitors designed to protect heating systems without filters.

Central Heating Systems

Power flushing, heating filters, new boilers and water tanks, we offer the full range of heating services.

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Boiler Installation & Repairs

We install, maintain and repair boilers. For new installations, we usually recommend Baxi, Bosch or Vaillant boilers.

Central heating filters

Installing a filter to your central heating system is one of the best methods of protecting your heating system against debris and contaminants. Filters are usually quick and easy to install, although best left to a heating professional and provide a protective shield for boilers and radiators against the contaminants that form sludge. One of the best filters available on the market today is the Fernox TF1 Omega Filter. Using hydronic particle separation technology, the Fernox TF1 Omega Filter attracts debris and contaminants found in the water passing through your central heating system and stores this to ensure damage isn’t caused to your boiler. The filters are usually cleaned at annual service intervals and provide you with long-term protection against sludge.

Left unnoticed, sludge found in a central heating system is likely to present problems somewhere down the line, whether that be a boiler breakdown, cold radiators, more expensive than average heating bills or a complete boiler failure. Being mindful of sludge and taking preventative measures will help to safeguard your heating system and help your boiler and radiators last for many years to come. If your boiler has already fallen victim of sludge and the damage becomes irreparable, it’s important to also remember that even after installing a new boiler, the same sludge that caused the failure of the first boiler will still be present in your heating system. We’d therefore always recommend flushing your full central heating system when changing your boiler and fitting a filter to prevent the past repeating itself again.

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New Glow Worm heating system
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New Baxi loft installation
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